Important Information

Please take a few moments to read these important details.

Before You Sail
The CRUISE EVENTS would like to thank you for selecting  us to assist you in planning your cruise. Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.  In order for you to better understand the “ins and outs” of a cruise, we ask that you take a few minutes to read the following. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to assist you. Call us at 1-215-322-0515 or e-mail us at:

It is extremely important that you examine your invoice carefully upon receipt.

Your legal name (First and Last Name) on your invoice must match your VALID PASSPORT.
VALID PASSPORT’s which must be valid for a minimum of at least 6 months after you return from your cruise.
*How to obtain at Passport  
Passport Information and Forms.

If your name does not match, please call your cruise agent and make the correction(s). This correction must be made immediately and in writing to ensure that your cruise documents are correct. If names are not corrected, it will result in a change fee of $50.00 or more per person.

Please remember that your invoice is a confirmation of your booking.
Other discrepancies to watch for:

  • Request (see info on Dining Request)
  • Gateway Departure/Arrival City
  • Cabin
  • Ship
  • Sailing Date
  • Itinerary

Please call us as soon as possible with any changes at 1-215-322-0515 or e-mail us.

NOTE: Please visit the cruise line website for complete Terms & Conditions.

*Valid Passports are required – for US Citizens:
One of the requirements with any cruise line is that you must have a Valid Passport (valid for 6 months after return date). Visas may also be required on some itineraries. Read the requirements listed on the cruise line website for up to the minute requirements. It is your responsibility to have these documents to travel. Customs will Not allow you to board without above documents and there is no refund.

Non-U.S. Citizens
Must have proper documentation for the countries your cruise will be visiting. Please refer to the cruise line website for further information. All non-US citizens must have a valid Passport (not to expire within 6 months of return date). Visas may also be required to re-enter the country. You should contact your consulate for specific requirements. You may also obtain more information by calling Immigration and Naturalization Services at 1-800-375-5283.

Travel Insurance
CRUISE EVENTS highly recommends that you purchase Travel Guard insurance. If you have not yet purchased it and wish to add it, contact your Cruise Specialist at 1-215-322-0515 or e-mail us.

Coverage Includes:

  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption
  • Medical Expense
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Lost, Stolen, Damaged Baggage
  • Trip Delay
  • Baggage Delay
  • Accidental Death/Dismemberment

***Pre-Existing Medical Conditions***
Will be waived if you purchase Travel Guard insurance within 10 days of deposit on your cruise.

If you decide not to purchase trip insurance, please check the “I decline travel insurance” box on your invoice or e-mail us so that your booking can be noted that the insurance was declined.

Shore Excursions
For peace of mind, CRUISE EVENTS recommends purchasing your shore excursions from the cruise line prior to your cruise. This helps the availability of the excursions that you want. Visit the cruise line website for more information about purchasing your shore excursions.
If you prefer to visit the port on your own, make sure that you are back on the ship at least one hour or more before the ship departs. This extra hour will provide a cushion should you experience traffic or a flat tire. The ship will NOT wait for people touring on their own as they do not know where you are.

Air/Sea Package
Please read the following information carefully:

If you purchase air from the cruise line, The choice of airline, routing, and flight time is strictly at the discretion of the airline unless you request an air deviation* (see below). Your airline may require an Overnight hotel (at guests expense) to get you to the ship on time. If your cruise departs from Miami or Fort Lauderdale; Seattle or Vancouver; the airline reserves the right to fly you into either city and bus you to the pier. When purchasing an air/sea package, the cruise line is kept informed of your itinerary and may choose to hold the ship if they know passengers will be arriving late. With an air/sea package, you can request ground transfers to and from the ship. A representative from the cruise line will be at the gate upon your arrival or in the baggage claim area to direct you to the motor coaches. Generally, they will carry a sign with the name of the cruise line, making it easier for you to see them. If you do not wish to use the transportation provided, taxis are available outside the terminal for a nominal fee. Air schedules are not available from the cruise line until approx. 25 days prior to sailing. The cruise line may use chartered flights or regular scheduled airlines. Due to the personal nature of seat assignments, we suggest that you contact the airlines directly. You will be sent a copy of your air schedule as soon as we receive it. Please be advised that in the case of charter flights, as well as many international flights, seat assignments will not be available until check-in at the airport.

•   Arrange your seat selection 

•   Give your frequent flyer numbers 
•   Request meals (if offered) 
•   Check airline and on carry on and baggage requirements and costs as each airline has their own fees. 
•   Reconfirm flight numbers and times 24 hours prior to departure.

Why choose air from the cruise line?

Be Advised: Any changes including cancellation of air that are made to your reservation after penalties begin will be charged a change fee or penalty that will be assessed by the cruise line. It is not a requirement to purchase your airline tickets through the cruise line. If you elect to make your own air reservation, the cruise line will assume no responsibility if any problems arise or you miss the ship. We strongly recommend that you plan to arrive at least one day prior to sailing, especially during the winter months. When scheduling your flights, you must obtain the cruise line’s guidelines for appropriate arrival and departure times.

*Air Deviation Programs
Most cruise lines allow you to request a specific airline and routing, at a charge of  approx. $75 or more per person plus any additional airline fees. You may choose to use this program if you are unhappy with the conditions that are stated in Air/Sea Package. If this is your choice, be aware that these deviations must be made as soon as possible and at least ninety (90) days prior to your departure date on a 3,4,5, or 7 night cruise and at least 120 days prior to cruises of 8 nights or more. If you will be traveling with other passengers who will be staying in another cabin and wish to be scheduled on the same flights, you must request an Air Deviation for all passengers at the same time. The sooner you request your Air Deviation the better your chances will be to get exactly what you requested. Deviations are Non-Refundable.

Be Advised: If you have purchased a pre or post cruise you may want to consider a deviation to ensure you will arrive or depart at a time convenient for you. ONCE TICKETS HAVE BEEN ISSUED, unfortunately NO CHANGES ARE ALLOWED.

Frequent Flyer Members
Frequent Flyer miles may be credited to your account provided you advise the ticket agent at check in and provide them with your frequent flyer account number. Be advised that this is subject to the rules and regulations of the airline. Never discard boarding passes or airline ticket receipts until frequent flyer miles are credited.

Airport Check-In
Due to increased airport security, you will need to be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your departure time. Check with YOUR airline for up to the minute instructions and changes. You must check in at the ticket counter to get your boarding passes. At this time, you will need to show a Photo I.D. for domestic flights and a Valid Passport for all International flights including Canada and the Caribbean. Porters are available at the airport and pier. Tipping is not included in your package. The recommended tipping is $1.00 per bag.

Baggage allowances have changed due to increased security by the airlines. Please contact your carrier for specific guidelines. Remember, all of you luggage will have to be stored in your cabin. All luggage is delivered to your cabin and placed just outside the door. Be aware that this takes a few hours, so it may be a good idea to pack an extra set of clothing in your carry-on bag. Always carry medications, valuables, money and other important items with you in your carry on bag so it will be with you at all times.

•   Valid Passport, Travel Documents
•   Toiletries (to freshen up) 

•   Change of clothes
(luggage will arrive at your cabin approx. 1/2 hour prior to ship departure)
•   Money, credit cards, jewelry, photo copy of passport & air tickets separate from originals 

•   Medication.  Always have enough medication in your carry on bag for several days.

Late Return Flight
If your return flight is leaving after 4:00pm don’t waste your time sitting at the airport. Since most airlines provide a baggage truck at the terminal the morning of disembarkation, check your bags and take advantage by exploring local tourist attractions. Many cruise lines offer tours of your disembarkation city that can be purchased on board.

Full deposit is due at time of booking to hold a cabin (according to cruise line requirements). If full deposit is not received by the date specified by your agent your reservation will be canceled and rates could increase. Final payment due dates vary by cruise line. Please make every effort to pay by the noted due date. If your final payment is late in reaching the cruise line, you will lose your reservation and may even be assessed a penalty. These policies are set and enforced by the cruise lines. Final Payments by credit card may be made through our Customer Service department which is open Monday through Friday. Please call 1-215-322-0515 or  e-mail.  You can also advise your agent ahead of time to charge your credit card on the day that final payment is due. If you will be paying by check, please make all checks payable to CRUISE EVENTS LLC(please note your sailing date/ship) your check must be received by Cruise Events at least two weeks prior to final payment date.

Once approved, Credit card refunds are processed within 2-3 billing cycles following cancellation. Check refunds are received 8 to 12 weeks following cancellation.

Age Requirements
Please be certain that the correct ages of all passengers have been given to your Cruise Specialist. There are minimum age requirements with many lines and passengers may be denied boarding if requirements are not met. As a result, CRUISE EVENTS requires birthdates for all passengers at time of booking. Please refer to your brochure for more information on age requirements.

CRUISE EVENTS imposes a $100.00 per person administrative fee for all cancellations made after deposit has been paid. This fee will be waived once, only in the event that a new reservation is booked for the same passengers on the day of cancellation.  All cancellations must be in writing and e-mailed  to our office. Cancellation policies vary by cruise line. Please carefully read the “Cancellations & Penalty” section of the cruise line brochure for the penalties pertaining to your cruise vacation.

Cruise Line Itinerary Changes/Cancellations
From time to time cruise lines may need to cancel a sailing or change the itinerary due to weather conditions, such as but not limited to; storms, hurricanes, or political unrest or wars, or a ship being docked for repairs. In all cases, once we are notified by the cruise line, we will in turn contact the passengers to advise them of the change or cancellation.

Please advise your cruise specialist of any medical conditions at time of booking. Your cruise specialist will work together with the cruise line to accommodate you. For instance, you may need a handicap cabin for wheelchair access, or you may have special dietary needs which in some cases means you need to eat at a certain time. Most cruise lines will ask for a note from your doctor stating your medical conditions. Bring all medication in the original containers and keep it with you (not in checked baggage).

Travel is prohibited during the third trimester of pregnancy.
Prior to that time pregnant women may travel only with a letter of permission from their doctor stating due date. See cruise line website for pregnancy policy.

Discount Coupons
Discount coupons must be presented to your agent prior to your initial deposit in order to be applied to your booking. Once you have made your deposit we will then forward the coupon to the cruise line. Your invoice will not reflect any Discount Coupon until the cruise line has approved it.

Children’s Program
Family oriented cruises offer activities for children and teens. Baby-sitting can be arranged on board at the Purser’s office, for a fee.

Dining Requests
We have notified the cruise line of your dining request (Early, Late or Personal Choice, table size, and names of other guests if requested). 

PLEASE NOTE: Seating is assigned by the cruise line (not by our cruise department) and normally they are able to comply depending on the size of the table, however, it is not guaranteed. Remember this is for dinner only. You can sit with whoever you like for breakfast and lunch. If for any reason you are not pleased with either the time or the table assignment, please see the Maitre’D once you’re on board and request a change.  He will do all possible to accommodate your wishes.
Seating requests are made at time of booking so the earlier you book the better the chance that your request will be honored. If you are traveling with other passengers, please inform your agent so that he/she will cross-reference all cabins for dining.

Cruise Documents & Tickets
Cruise and airline tickets can be printed from your computer after on line registration is completed and final payment has been received. When you print your cruise tickets, please be sure to read them thoroughly. Of course, if you have any questions, please call our Customer Care Department 215-322-0515 or email. Cruise line baggage tags can also be printed and attached to your luggage. (If you have purchased air separately, do not attach the cruise line tags until you have claimed your luggage in the baggage claim area.) If you have not been assigned a cabin number, ask the porter at the pier to locate it for you from the ship’s manifest. Be sure to put your cabin number on the luggage tags to ensure your luggage will arrive at your cabin. You will also find embarkation forms with your cruise documents which must be filled out prior to check in.

Guaranteed Cabin Assignment
Please be advised when purchasing a category guarantee,  CRUISE EVENTS has no control over cabin assignments, upgrades or location of your stateroom. When you choose to purchase a guarantee, your cabin assignment is at the cruise line’s discretion; they guarantee the ship, sailing date, and the category purchased. Guarantees can be less expensive, however, make sure you are willing to be flexible in stateroom location. Two or more cabins traveling together may not receive cabin assignments that are located next to each other. On many occasions our customers are very satisfied but be advised that there are sailings that sell out, which means upgrades are not available. Your cabin may not be assigned until day of departure, in which case you will be assigned a cabin at the pier.

At first glance, you may be surprised at the size of your cabin. Cabins are designed to be efficient and to look “ship shape”, so to speak. If you booked an inside cabin, there will be no window/port hole. An outside cabin, however, will have a window or port hole. Most rooms can be arranged with two twin beds or one queen bed. Your cabin steward is available for your convenience. Please be sure to use the “Do Not Disturb” and the “Make Up Room” signs located in your cabin. Just as room service works in a hotel, your cabin steward is at your service to provide towels, blankets, or pillows. Just be sure to ask.

Charge Accounts On Board
Cashless Society on board: Upon check in a credit card deposit is required. If you use a Debit card it must be valid for approximately $100.00 per day. You will get a refund of whatever is not used. Each cruise line has their own policy and is subject to change so please look at the policy on the cruise line website.  Ships require you to charge your drinks and other services to your cabin and pay at the end of the cruise with travelers checks, credit card or cash. Please be aware that most ships will not accept personal checks.
You will need cash or credit cards for anything that you purchase off of the ship, such as cabs, drinks, and gifts.  Make sure that you carry smaller denominations for shore shopping such as ones, fives, tens or twenties. This way you’ll be sure of getting change back in US dollars. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the price of your cruise. You are offered several choices for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Many ships offer alternative dining restaurants. These restaurants offer different fare from the main dining rooms, often require reservations and charge a fee. Check with each ship for specific restaurants available.

If you have special dietary needs or prefer a lighter menu selection, please see the maitre’d and they will do their best to accommodate you. Please be aware that soda and alcoholic beverages are not included with meals and will be charged to your onboard account. Most ships offer free room service with a limited menu 24 hours per day. If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or any other event, please convey that to your cruise agent. The cruise line will be notified and will be happy to provide a cake at no extra cost to you. If special arrangements have been made, please verify them with the maitre’d. If you forgot to relay this information to your cruise agent, just tell the maitre’d one day in advance and they will be sure your needs are met. If you wish to dine in one of the private dinning rooms, please make your reservations in the beginning of the cruise to a void a sold out situation. the cost will be added to your shipboard account.

Communication From Ship
Internet access is available in you room via your laptop (if you bring yours or internet café). Please check cruise line website for hours of internet cafe and fees. Check with your cell phone provider to see what rates are when using your cell phone on board the ship and at various ports of call.

Motion Sickness
Most cases of motion sickness are preventable with a few precautions; check with your doctor. If you are experiencing motion sickness once you have boarded, please go to the doctor’s office. Always check with your doctor before taking any medication.

Ports Of Call, Lectures, And Shore Excursions
To avoid disappointment, We suggest reserving your shore excursions on the website as soon as final payment has been made. If you wish to wait until you are on board the ship, The Shore Excursion office will open once you have set sail. You may wish to gather some literature on shore excursions that will be available to you. The cost for these excursions can range from $15.00 to $100.00 or more, per person. A lecture describing the port and points of interest will be provided prior to arrival at each port and is also viewable on your cabin TV. It may be a good idea to attend the lecture to aid in what your decision will be. You may also decide not to take an excursion and just tour independently. If you decide to explore independently, please make certain that you are back on board at least an hour prior to the scheduled departure. The ship will depart on schedule and you don’t want to be running toward the dock only to see your ship pull away without you. Should that happen it is up to the guest to fly to the next port of call to re-board the ship.

While You Are In Port
The ship is always available for meals and limited activities while in port. The casino and shops are closed while in port.

Some ships anchor in the harbor and do not dock at port. Tenders are used to transfer passengers between the port and ship. Tenders are usually not handicapped accessible.

Preparing To Disembark The Night Before
You are required to pack and leave your bags outside your cabin on the last night of your cruise. You may wish to Lock your luggage with the new TSA locks.  Be sure to keep with you any toiletries, something to wear the next day, valuables, medication and of course, YOUR VALID PASSPORT. These items can, of course, be placed in your carry-on bag.