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The Guide to Create, Design and Market Celebrity Hosted Group Cruise Events

Are you looking to set your agency apart from the rest? If so, this book is packed with powerful, useful, and creative information. Maximize your time and energy to make the most money while working on specific groups. Capitalize on opportunities for achieving financial freedom. Train yourself to work on packages that will be the most financially rewarding. This 100 page book will give you step by step ways to create unique groups that no one else has. It will show you how to find celebrities, create their groups, and generate more sales and income.

Chapter’s Include:

  1. Scouting the Perfect Celebrity
  2. Contacting the Celebrity
  3. Confirming the Celebrity’s Appearance
  4. Complimentary Cabins
  5. Time is Money -Don’t Waste Yours
  6. Cruise Line Negotiations
  7. Emotional Fans
  8. Resolving Celebrity Concerns
  9. Delicately Declining Offers
  10. Marketing Matters
  11. Sponsors Add Value

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