Packing for the Caribbean

Packing Efficiently for your next Cruise 

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Six Stress Free Tips for Packing on your next Cruise

Successful Packing Tip 1:
Write down what you plan to wear each day.
Planning what you will do on vacation is half of the fun. The best way to pack sensibly is to look at your Day by Day itinerary. Envisioning what you will do each day will help you decide what you’d like to wear.

Successful Packing Tip 2:
Complete each outfit.
Once you have decided what you’d like to wear each day, lay the complete outfit on the bed from head to toe. For example, when deciding on your bathing suit, include beach sandals, matching cover up, sun hat, beach bag, sunglasses. Same formula for your sun dress, sweat suit, etc… This is an important step as this is where you begin to mix and match.  As you begin to build your daily outfits, you’ll notice that with a basic color scheme you will not need as many coordinating items such as shoes, handbags, hair accessories, etc. 

Successful Packing Tip 3:
Hangers are the secret!
Want to unpack in minutes?  Hangers are the secret. Hangers allow you to take your clothes directly from your suit case and hang them in the closet. For a bathing suit, hang the suit, cover up, and beach bag all on one hanger.  This is convenient and a great way to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Successful Packing Tip 4:
Don’t over pack your suitcase because:
1. Airlines now charge fees based on weight of your luggage
Stocking up on magazines for your upcoming vacation can cost you. Lots of magazines are heavy. Bring only one or two for the plane ride and buy the rest in the airport when you land.

2. Dirty clothes always take up more space.

3. You will want room in your suit case for items you purchase on vacation which leads us to tip five.

Successful Packing Tip 5:
Pack a smaller suit case inside. 
This can be accomplished in one of two ways.  Pack a smaller bag with soft sides that will fold up. With this option you will probably have to return home with his bag as a carry on as it may get crushed if you try to send it as checked baggage.

Option 2: Luggage sets usually have 2 large pieces. You can place the smaller case inside the larger case and pack. This will appear that you have one suit case going and you’ll have the option of two hard suit cases that you can check on the return.

Successful Packing Tip 6:
Completely Unpack
Unpack as soon as your luggage arrives in your room. Floor space is  limited in staterooms. There is plenty of room to walk around, but not with a large suit case on the floor. Unlike a hotel where you may leave your suit case on the luggage rack or open on the floor, you will want to completely unpack and store your luggage under the bed.

Below you will see how to pack light by mixing and matching outfits.  On a cruise you’ll wear each outfit for a few of hours.  An average day begins with a Sweat Suit for breakfast and a morning walk on the deck.  After breakfast, change into a bathing suit with sun dress.  Enjoy an island tour in your sun dress, then off to the beach for the afternoon.  Return back to the ship, shower and get ready for dinner. The mix and match outfits below will carry you from day to evening.

Packing - Travel day

Day 1 & Day 8: Travel Days: Capri Pants, tank top & Jacket. This outfit   takes you from the plane to dinner.

Packing - White sun dress

Day 2 & 7: Sun dress for touring the islands, or bathing suit cover up

Packing - Evening dress

Evening: a shawl for evening will keep you warm

Packing - long skirt

Day 3: Skirt & Top for  touring the islands, or bathing suit cover up

Packing - Dress with jacket

Day 4: Add a Jacket to dress down the look for another day.

Packing - Capri pants

Day 5: Capri pants & blue T-shirt

Packing - white skirt touring beach

Day 6: Same top as day 3 with different skirt

Photo’s show
8 Days:

  • 2 Jackets,
  • Capri pants
  • 3 Tank Tops
  • 2 skirts, short-Long
  • Sun Dress
  • Evening Dress
  • Dress Shoes & bag
  • Sandals & handbag
  • Add Sweat Suit
  • Sneakers &
  • Swim Suit

Starting the day with exercise?

Walking on the deck or working out in the gym is a great way to nourish your body and spirit. 

  • Shorts or pants with a tank top or tee and
  • Athletic tennis shoes are appropriate for walking the deck.
  • Lightweight windbreaker for early mornings 
  • Sneakers are required to work out in they gym.

Sightseeing or shopping? Choose comfortable clothes.

  • Shorts 
  • Sundresses 
  • Loose flowing skirts 
  • Cotton tees and tanks 
  • Comfortable classy sandals 
  • Hat 
  • Sunscreen 30 or above  

Swimming with the dolphins or relaxing on the beach?

  • Swim suit under a sun dress or shorts and a tee. 
  • Sandals that can get wet and sandy 
  • A  beach bag to carry your water, camera, book, cruise card, plastic bag for collecting sea shells 
  • Sun visor or  hat  
  • Sunscreen

Enjoying the ship?

  • Casual sportswear including pants for playing cards, reading, attending lectures, playing bingo and going to the movies. 
  • Swim suits and cover ups for enjoying the pool activities and sunshine on the deck.

Baby It’s Cold Inside…

Ships can be cool in the public rooms.

  • A jacket or sweater for indoor activities – day and night. 
  • Light weight fashion sweats worn with sandals or sneakers are additional choices for movies and bingo.

Daytime Summary…

  • Exercise clothes
  • Athletic tennis shoes
  • Swim suits (2 or more), cover ups, sandals, beach bag and hat.
  • Two Sundresses – wear twice each
  • Two Shorts, five tops
  • Sweater to match sundress or tank tops for inside wear when you return to the ship in the afternoon.
  • Pants, tees, and fashion sweats for indoor activities.
  • Beach sandals, walking sandals, fashion sandals, and/or sneakers.

Dinner & Shows…

  • Two Black Tie evenings 
  • One Semiformal night and 
  • Two Nice Casual evenings.  Dressing up for evening is a great part of a memorable vacation. It’s so wonderful to feel elegant, classy and sexy and have others around you in the same mode. Looking great makes the food taste better, the shows more glamorous, dancing more fun and puts you in “Star” mode when singing karaoke.

Suggestions for Two Formal Nights

  • Black pants or a long black skirt with dressy tops.
  • Small black bag and 
  • Sexy black evening shoes. Same shoes for both evenings. 
  • A cashmere wrap, shawl or jacket are a must. 
  • Gowns are beautiful as well. 
  • Choose a lightweight packable fabric.
  • Avoid large skirts if you want to minimize your baggage.

Two Semi Formal nights

  • A dress with matching jacket or 
  • Silk pant outfit 
  • Jewelry plus 
  • Matching shoe and bag are essential to complete your fashion look.

Three Casual nights

  • Capri pant outfits 
  • Sun dresses 
  • White pants all teamed with cute tops 
  • Remember a coordinating jacket or sweater.

Special Activities…

If you are golfing, global etiquette applies. Walking shorts, a collared polo shirt and golf shoes are essential.

Sumptuous meals, maid service and multi entertainment choices are all at your fingertips on the ship. Your only job is to look magnificent and enjoy!