If you are pregnant or have another type of medical condition that has not been mentioned, please inquire about policies and procedures that may affect your cruise.

Most cruise lines have strict policies that a guest may NOT board the ship if over 24 weeks of pregnancy. Some use 27 weeks as their cut off.  The reason is simply because the cruise lines do not have the medical  equipment or staff to handle a pre-mature baby. The policy protects the mother and baby.

A visibly pregnant woman needs present a doctors note at the pier giving her permission to cruise and stating she
will be a certain number of  weeks or less by the end of the sailing. Various cruise lines have different cut off weeks.  Please make sure you read the current policy of the cruise line you are sailing with. The cruise lines are specific about what type of documentation they require, so please read their policies and advise your clients accordingly.

We have researched the pregnancy policy information from several cruise lines and have listed it  below for your convenience.  If the cruise line your client is traveling with is not listed below, please check directly with the cruise line.

If you are cruising on Holland America, visit their website:
Paragraph 3 : Because of the limited medical facilities, infants 12 weeks or younger and women who will be 24 or more weeks pregnant during the course of their travel are not permitted to participate in the cruise. If you are pregnant, please provide a medical note from your physician stating your expected due date and medical fitness to travel.

Carnival Pregnancy Policy
Please be advised that guests who are 27 weeks or more into their pregnancy at the time of the voyage will not be permitted to sail because of the risk of premature labor.

Royal Caribbean Pregnancy Policy
Royal Caribbean will not accept guests who will have entered their third trimester of pregnancy (27th week) at the beginning or at any time during their cruise vacation. Please contact us if you have already booked your cruise and do not meet this requirement.

Princess Pregnancy Policy
You will not be allowed to board the ship or be entitled to a refund if You do not have proper documentation. Carrier may refuse to embark You if, in Carrier’s sole opinion, You are unfit for any reason or You will enter the third trimester of pregnancy by the end of the Cruise. If Carrier refuses to allow You on board for any of these reasons, any refund of the Cruise Fare will be made based on the timing of such refusal in accordance with Section 6 and Carrier will have no further liability. If You become unfit to travel for any reason during the Cruise and/or disembark early, Carrier shall not be liable for any refund or damages.

Note:  If you have another type of medical condition that has not been mentioned, please inquire about policies and procedures that may affect your cruise

*Cruise Line Policies are subject to change. Above are the guidelines. Call us for current information.