Reasons to Purchase Air from the Cruise Line

Air from the cruise line:
Air rates with the cruise line are usually more expensive then you will see listed in your local paper and these are the reasons:

  • Air from the cruise line comes with a guarantee to get you to the ship. For example, if the airport is closed due to weather, and the ship begins sailing, the cruise line will work with the airline to fly you to whichever port of call the cruise is in.
    If the airline is having problems such as equipment,   the cruise line will switch you to the next flight out even if it is on a different airline. 

Air that you purchase from the Airline:

  • Tickets are usually Non Refundable as soon as they are purchased and should there be a delay due to equipment or weather,
  • The airlines will not allow you to switch airlines without paying a huge surcharge.
    Tip: Try to book one of the first flights out so that if the airline have equipment problems hopefully you will be put on their next flight out (if available).

Recommended Tip: Fly a day prior to departure.
It is recommended to purchase a hotel and fly out a day or two prior to departure. This will help avoid missing the cruise due to weather delays, or airport closings.