Susan Helfrich
Professional Speaker – Trainer – Author

Create Your own Celebrity Hosted Group

Speaker Peter Woodward
Peter Woodward
British TV/Film Star
speaker Christopher Lowell
Christopher Lowell
Interior Designer
Speaker Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict
Battlestar Gallactica
speaker Jack Scalia
Jack Scalia
“All My Children” Soap Star


Looking for a speaker that will, achieve measurable results, help reach desired sales goals, and become more successful?

We can show you how to create a unique sales opportunity that no one else has.

Learn how to:

  • Put the Celebrity into your Travel Agency Business
  • Create and design unique groups that no other agency can offer of sell
  • Breakthrough to higher group sales
  • Create instant interest in your travel agency
  • How to make first contact anytime, anywhere
  • Learn what makes clients want to buy from you and not your competition
  • Create referral rich client relationships

Susan Helfrich will show you step by step how to achieve optimal peak performance and generate more sales with higher yields. You will leave this session inspired with the tools to create your own unique group cruise.

Call 215-322-0515 to set up your seminar and become a leader in your field!

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