Why I chose Susan Helfrich to be my Cruise Planner:
“After 30 years in the Entertainment Business I’ve employed countless agents, personal managers, business managers, lawyers and publicists. Since working with Susan, I realize I could have fired the whole lot of them and just hired her. And saved myself a whole lot of money. What a joy to discover her incredible and infinite expertise. It has made not only my maiden voyage with Holland America Cruise Line a complete success, but improved the behavior of my
children. Go figure.”
Dirk Benedict, actor/writer/director

I want to say, yet again but never enough, that Susan Helfrich deserves all the credit for making this cruise not only a reality, but so completely void of problems. She worked so hard to make sure that all those who attended were comfortable and provided for.
Dirk Benedict 

Susan Helfrich has been a HUGE blessing to work with. 
We have been working with celebrities for about a decade and we plan many events for them. In all the years that we have been doing events, fundraisers, and cruises Susan has been the easiest person to ever work with. She knows her clients and truly cares about them. She works extra hard to make everything just right and she is a woman of her word. Susan knows her stuff, because whenever we had a question she was always so happy to answer it and if she didn’t know the answer she would find it out in record time. We hope to do many more events with Susan.
We pray the Lord’s richest blessings upon Susan and every project she touches.
Your Friends,
The Chrisagis Brothers
(Personal assistants to Jack Scalia, Jennifer O’Neill, Erik Estrada & Jo Ann Pflug)
My experience with Susan Helfrich:
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan Helfrich on a few of her celebrity group cruises on our “Fun Ship” Carnival Destiny. As you can imagine, Carnival, as the Most Popular Cruise Line in the World, carries more groups than anyone – – by a wide margin.
Susan Helfrich, Cruise Event Coordinator is absolutely outstanding to work with:  Personable to her group guests and professional and proficient in coordinating all aspects of the groups activities.  Simply put, she’s one of the very best group agents in the country!

Bob Dickinson-1
Bob Dickinson, President, Carnival Cruise Lines

The Travel professionals at Cruise Events have done an exceptional job with their escorted Groups sailing on Holland America Line. Their eye to detail, and planning process insure the onboard experience of their guests is top notch. We have worked on a number of successful “Celebrity Hosted Group Cruises with Cruise Events’  Director Susan Helfrich, each one has been meticulously organized always with their group guests needs in mind. Holland America Line is also working with Ms. Helfrich in her role as Governor Ed Rendell’s Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism Partnership Board.  It has been our sincere pleasure to work with Ms Helfrich  and we look forward to many more “Celebrity Hosted Group Cruises” and Charity fundraising groups for the future.
Tracey Kelly
Tracey Kelly, CTC 
Vice President of Sales  
Holland America Line and Windstar Cruises
My wife and I have been booked and deposited for over a year in advance on a 30 day cruise, Susan @ Cruise Events searched for many months and found a promotion that saved us $1400 per person!!  It was a fantastic surprise!  Susan has been our cruise travel agent for fifteen years and does an unbelievable job behind the scenes. We have never met face to face, but our trust in her is steadfast.  With Susan, she will not book you and forget you.  She will work for you and with you until the day you sail.  We would not dream of having anyone but Susan as our cruise agent.

Sue & Henry Perkins
Henry and Suzanne Perkins, Cape Porpoise, ME

The $600.00 savings was certainly an over-the-top surprise for the holidays. We booked this cruise several months ago, and you’re still hunting up new promotions to the last minute! This is why we keep coming back to you after all these years. It’s not just saving money – it’s that you take care of all the details and make sure we have everything we need to have a really fantastic cruise. I’ve recommended Cruise Events to friends and family.Have a wonderful new year – and keep those bargains coming.
Peggy Morrison

Wow!  If you were our publisher, we’d be a bestseller.
Thanks, Susan. You’re the best.

Adrienne Armstrong
Author of “Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square” written with Peter Marshall

The cruise was great .. Susan, you are wonderful !!
We will do it all over again next year!

Fred Sherman

Fred Sherman, Radio/TV Investment Personality

Monday, July 10, 2006

I’m still feeling the gentle sway of the Westerdam (my Holland America cruise ship) although I’ve been off the ship for a day now. My third Kurt Bestor Cruise is now over and I have many incredible memories, a group of new friends, and more than a few kilos to take off!

Thanks to Susan at Cruise Evenets who did a yeomans’s job of cruise hosting. She’s a delightful lady who really goes out of her way to make sure all have an unforgettable time.

All of my fellow cruisers are already talking about our next port of call. Be sure to check in on the website to find out just where we’ll be headed.

Kurt and me at Hubbard Glacier smaller image

Kurt Bestor

Thank you for such a wonderful cruise. You did a marvelous job. We all had a terrific time and enjoyed every minute of the Dirk Benedict fan cruise. Until next time…

Terry Beitz, Pennsylvania

Susan, you are so careful and so perfect with the cruises the fan club cruise you have planned for us. The cruise was a marvelous experience. The ship so impressive and the participants were so nice that I have many so many new friends.

Andrea Breunig, Germany

It was a special time for all of us and the friendships we have made are priceless. We could not have had a better time! Than you so much for all of your help and patience with everything.  Our family had experiences we will never forget and we hope that we will be able to cruise again with the same group.

Cathie & Dave Flower, Ohio

Personal service is a rare thing these days and I want to thank you for making our first cruise such a marvelous experience. It was fantastic!! We sincerely hope to cruise with you again. Thank you for everything.

Ginine & Luis Hanco, Florida

Susan, It truly was a wonderful experience sharing the Dirk Benedict 2004 Mexican Riviera cruise with you.  I  had a ball doing all that late-night dancing with the ladies!
(here  were a few nights where i was the only guy in our little circle…that was fun!!
Steve Kelly, California
I surely hope we get our group together again next year. I miss everyone already. Thanks for being so attentive to us and taking such good care of us.
Yolanda Valdez, California
Susan, I really want to thank you all for making me feel welcome.
It was a great experience and I would love to do it again!  Thank Dirk for me for having this event and bringing us all together.  I’m basically a shy person and you all made me feel welcome and relaxed.
Sharlene Fahr, IL
Dear Susan,
This was my best cruise in its own way. Changes happens as has with all the cruises we done. The group has become closer and also new friends to meet and taken with warm arms to join. You, Susan, our mother Goose, did it again and made us feel happy and having fun. Thank you.

Let us not forget who brought us together for fun at sea, Dirk, our host. I thank him for always sharing something new to take with me to the future.
Haije Nielsen, Holland

The group this year, as last was terrific. They were all nice and we all got along famously. All I can say about my cruise experience  is that I’ve made friends for life and for that I must first thank Dirk for agreeing to do these cruises and
Susan for arranging them so well.The fun I’ve had will stick with me for the rest of my life
and I also have lots of new friends to visit on holiday!!This cruise was fun in every way, we all danced every night!My favorite part of the cruise was being with old and friends just being able to let loose and have fun without anyone judging. It was liberating and people really seemed to like me so that was a plus.
Thanks again for wonderful memories
Debster Marshall, England