Travel Tips

•   First two pages of your passport. 

•   Front and back of all your credit cards (with 800 number to call if missing. Keep these copies in your cabin safe)  
•   Travel with two credit cards and always leave one in your cabin safe. Should you loose one; you will have another credit card to use for the rest of your vacation.
•   Pre-printed Address Labels of family and friends – for when you want to write a post card

Tipping is a personal matter.  The “suggested” tipping guideline is:$10.00 to 11.00 per person, per day. ($5.50 for your waiter staff per person, $2.00 for alternative dining staff per person per day. $3.75 for your cabin steward; per person per day. This is approximately $70.00 per person for the week.)
You may wish to tip the Head Waiter or Maitre’D if they helped you with your special meals or special occasions. Guidelines are subject to change and will be advised onboard. For your convenience some ships will automatically add gratuity for your dining & stateroom services to your on board account. You will have complete discretion to adjust gratuities based upon the level service you receive. This does not apply if you’ve pre-paid gratuity.

During the day, dress on board is resort casual.  There are two “dress-up” nights for seven day cruises. Some times a special theme night is also offered during the week.  Refer to your Daily Information sheet while onboard for nightly dress information.

•   Formal – on these nights you can get as dressed up as you like. Men: Tuxedo or a suit. Ladies, a long or short cocktail dress, black silk pants, or anything in which you’d feel comfortable attending a cocktail party.

•   Informal – Men: jacket. Ladies, a dress or pant outfit is appropriate (no blue jeans).

•   Casual – Men: an open shirt and slacks. Ladies: anything you’d wear out for dinner is appropriate. No shorts are allowed in the dining room for dinner.

Also see Packing Information on our website:

The cruise line will provide you with a daily information sheet which will be placed in your cabin each evening.  This lists all the activities that will take place the following day.  It is a good idea to carry this with you so that you’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times. 

All cruise guests are required to attend the life boat drill prior to departure. A map on your stateroom door will show you where your life boat “muster station” is located. Times will be advised. The ship’s horn will sound 7 short blasts. Take 1 life jacket per person and report to your muster station. Child sized life jackets are available from your cabin steward.

When the ship arrives back in port on the last day of your cruise, breakfast will be served earlier than usual. One to two hours is normally required for the Customs Officials to clear the ship after it has docked. Keep in mind that many guests are leaving the ship at the same time. Relax, don’t rush, everything will go smoothly as they do this every week. If you have exceeded your custom limits on alcohol, cigarettes, cigars, jewelry, etc. instructions will be given to you from the ship prior to disembarkation. You may be required to go through Customs prior to disembarking the ship.  There will be plenty of time for you to do this, no need to disrupt your scheduled breakfast times.  Don’t stand in the hallways waiting to disembark.  Relax on deck or in one of the lounges. Read a book; listen to your IPod. Let the majority of the guests disembark first (unless, of course, you have a very early return flight. If so, make arrangements with the front desk to be one of the first guests to disembark.) Disembarkation tags will be given out the night prior.